Easy DIY Cosplay Ideas

With Halloween coming up, finding an easy costume/cosplay to do is a pain, especially if you’re last minute (like me). So I thought I’d share with you guys some easy ideas that are simple do DIY at home or simply make with stuff in your closet. Enjoy those awesome costume ideas ;p

Eto Yoshimura


Put on a green wig, a red cape, wrap your arms in bandages and you’re done. If you wanna spice up the game you could do a ghoul eye makeup or simply put a ghoul contact on.




Blonde short wig (if you don’t already have blond hair), white T-shirt, jeans, sneakers and a green hooded coat. Makeup keep it simple, anime eyes and blond brows. Don’t forget to draw the contract sign on his neck.


Mad Hatter


















For this one you can pretty much go like you feel, just throw on whatever crazy patterned clothes you have laying around. The brighter and crazier the better! I think a colorful wig or weird hairstyle would be perfect for this look. For makeup just go all out with the colors you know; blue eye shadow, red blush, purple lipstick. Don’t forget your top hat.


Kuroko Tetsuya


Light blue wig, black shorts, sport shoes, light blue T-shirt and black wristband. Makeup just go really casual and maybe do the anime eye. If you want you could totally bring along a basketball.


Marceline and Bubblegum


Bubblegum: Pink everything; makeup, clothes, hair!

Marceline: Plaid red shirt, black T-shirt, Black bottom. Top it off with a black wig as well as vampire makeup and fangs.


Vanellope Von Schwertz


Candy studded ponytail, blue hooded sweater, stripped leggings, black skirt and black boots. Makeup pretty casual, pretty much do what you want… ;p


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